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The idea of Teamwork was born in university days, as we always sought to bring architecture’s core values throughout the development of our projects.We believe the secret to the success of our work lies in teamwork, and in the knowhow each member can add to the project.

In this way, a personalized Work Method is created, adapted to each new project, which, based on the ideas and particular needs of each client, will allow us to achieve proposals with a high identity of its own. In this way, the quality of the final product is guaranteed, in the measure of attention to detail and monitoring during the construction phase, factors that we consider to be decisive in our action.

Carolina Delgado

nasceu em lisboa . 1991

2020 . co-fundadora do atelier aro arquitectos

2017 - 2018 . colaborou com Almeida Fernandes Arquitectura

2016 .  abriu o seu estúdio de fotografia 

2015 . arquitecta pela Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa

2013 . colaborou com Argot ou La Maison Mobile e Mezzo Atelier no Workshop INSITU , 2º Torrão na Trafaria

Bráulio Conceição

nasceu em lisboa . 1991

2020 . co-fundador do atelier aro arquitectos

2018 - 2021 . colaborou com Morim' Santos Silva arquitectos

2016 - 2018 . colaborou com pmc arquitectos

2015 . arquitecto pela FA-UL

2014 - 2015 . investigador na FA-UL no grupo: "Arquitectura Mediterrânea / Ibérica de Origem Islâmica -estudos comparativos" 

2010 - 2011 . assistente na Trienal Arquitectura Lisboa .  

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Av. Almirante Gago Coutinho 56

1ºEF, 1700-031 Lisbon (PT)

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