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Our studio

We want to share our Work Method, that adapts to each new project, which, based on the ideas and particular needs of each client, will allow us to achieve proposals with a high identity of its own.

In this way, the quality of the final product is guaranteed, in the measure of attention to detail and monitoring during the construction phase, factors that we consider to be decisive in our action. Based on this we try to create our own Formula:

1. The first impression with the client, and the relationship you built with them along the process is very important. Is also very important to know how to listen to the client's intentions.

2. We start to study the site, the program and begin to sketch the first drawings. We work on separate concepts, and then we have a joint discussion of ideas, where we share and reflect on the various architectural themes.

3. We work with BIM program Archicad, to immediately learn about the architectural volumetry. This first contact generates several doubts. As an answer to these doubts, we make an architectural model, where we were able to look at the building on a different scale and resolve these issues.

4. The first drawings are prepared to show the client. Is important that the drawings and the presentation are easy and clear to read. And as we show the architectural model, is easier for them to understand the project. We also present 3D images, but as a means of process and never as an end.

5. When the project is approved by the client, we start to prepare the delivery to the City Council. We consider this delivery essential, as it is here that the project begins to take shape. Dimensions, elevations, regulatory ceiling heights, minimum widths, etc. are defined. Let's say that now we can define the project at a larger scale, which helps a lot to prepare the project for construction. We consider that is very important to move from digital to paper. That's why we're always printing out the technical drawings, so that we can draw over them.

6. Coordination of the Engineering Projects is the next step. We always try to have meetings where the dialogue is clear and transparent, always reaching a consensus among all. It is here that we realize that in our profession, there must always be a chapter dedicated to human relationships, it is not enough to design and think well.

7. After approval by the City Council, we start to prepare the Detail Design Phase, in which all the works necessary for the execution of the project are detailed. At this stage, we always have a meeting with the clients, to define all the details, materials, and equipment of the project. The more detailed and controlled the project design is for the construction, fewer problems will happen during the construction (but not always!).

8. At the same time, the process of executing a list of materials is started, where the quantities, specific materials to be used, types of work and form of execution are detailed, so that it is possible to later assess the full price of the construction project. It is from these documents that a final budget will be presented, guaranteeing the completion of the work by the contractor. During the construction, it is part of our work method, to follow all stages from rough to finishing, being always available for any questions, to guarantee a good quality in the final product.

"The Aro Arquitectos have done the study of the renovation & extension of our kitchen and dining room. When we contacted them, we shared with them a certain idea of what we had in mind. Carolina & Bráulio answered straight away with a simple sketch that captured the essence of what we wanted. Since then, working with them has been a great journey during which they proved to be a young and inspired team, with fresh and modern ideas. They are also very easy to talk to and work with, always open to our comments and proposing great alternative solutions for the few reservations we had. They worked tirelessly through the various iterations of the project. They also helped find the right contractor and are now still very much involved through regular onsite visits, working closely with the contractor to ensure everything goes smoothly. We would work with them again without hesitation and highly recommend Carolina & Bráulio for any architectural work you might have." - Carla e Olivier Delmotte

I was very pleased to work with Carolina and Bráulio. From the beginning, they showed great professionalism in the way they approached the rehabilitation of my apartment. At the project design phase, they had a strong personality in the ideas presented, however, they always knew how to listen to my ideas and intentions. They knew how to involve me in the right way. Already in the construction phase, they made themselves available to appear when there were problems and had great attention and rigor to details and finishes. - Hugo Pereira
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